General conditions



You can reserve an apartment directly through our website WWW.HOMYFLAT.COM, make the payment via credit card by entering the amount of the reserve in the indicated account or call at the number listed on the website. In the first case the reservation will be made automatically firm and in the latter two cases the booking is not made firm until the admission fee hasn’t been verificated by WWW.FLATSALAMANCA.COM, this process may take several days, depending on the entities, till the booking is confirmed.
WWW.FLATSALAMANCA.COM provides updated and useful information on homes, apartments and houses in the city for tourist use (hereinafter ACCOMMODATION/S) and also facilitates the way to make online reservations in the accommodations above-mentioned.
Our website is owned by Profonsa S:L  WWW.HOMYFLAT.COM hereinafter a WEBSITE, is a reservation center that acts as an intermediary between  the user/s of our website and the owner/s of the accommodation/s. By using our services and make a reservation, the contractual relationship is established between the users/customers and the owner of the property.
At the time of reservation clik the reservation button in the website, the user happens to client status and fully and unreservedly accept these Terms and Conditions and any amendments that may be published electronically on this Website in the future . Apart from these terms and conditions, each apartment may have its own terms such as regarding forms of payment, entry and departure time, services, etc... These are listed at the bottom of the information for each apartment, special terms and conditions about each apartment prevail in all cases above the general terms and conditions.
The customer is responsible for both, the data included in the contract through our website and other information relating to the registration process must be truthful and accurate, promising to communicate to the website as soon as possible all the changes related to them and especially those that refer to the  necessary information for the proper maintenance and management of the contracted services, including, for example: address, data of the bank account...
The reservation office reserves the right to accept or reject any contract, provided that:
a: verify that the data provided are contrary to the truth and/or inaccurate.
b: consider that the request
does not comply with the terms contained in the Conditions of Contract and/or harms or may harm the corporate image of the website or be contrary to the aims pursued by the same trade.
d. has outstanding payment for any Service contracted prior to the website.
The reservation centre is solely responsible for the operation of the website. The information regarding the accommodation advertised on the website is provided and updated from time to time by the owners themselves of the accommodation and provision of free users. The website reserves the right to update the information posted on the website at any time, including and without limitation: prices, descriptions and photographs.
From his part, the owner of the property will be responsible for any complaints they may receive from the clients of the housing in question, the operation and quality of its services, facilities, etc., Customers, in their case, should direct their complaints to the quarry owners. The reservation center offers a quality control of the properties, services provided by the owners to their customers through questionnaries and surveys that are conducted online once the user/client has enjoyed the property, for the purpose of obtaining information about the quality, accuracy and veracity of what they report and commit the owners to insert their properties on our website.
The use of the services contained on this website reservation center constitutes acceptance by the user in a matter of the following conditions:
1. Neither WWW.FLATSALAMANCA.COM nor the accommodation owner shall be responsible for damage caused during the stay of the client, including (without limitation): injury to persons or property, loss by fire, theft or criminal behavior will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
2. You represent that you are of legal age (over 18) and have legal capacity to contract the services offered by the accommodations.
3. The procedure for making the reservation must follow the steps outlined in these conditions.
4. All accepted reservations from our website, in addition to the general terms and conditions, are  subject to the special conditions of the owners of each of the accommodations.
We recommend you take out travel insurance.
These terms and conditions have been translated into several languages​​, in case of dispute, the Spanish version prevails.

Terms and conditions of the apartments

You will find the apartment perfectly clean and tidy, ready for occupancy, with sheets and towels, equipped with all utensils and appliances listed in the apartment's page. It is expected that at your departure leave the apartment reasonably cleaned and ordered, otherwise you will be requested extra cleaning fee.
If at the time of refunding the deposit are discovered flaws in the building, furniture and fixtures damaged during your stay, the owner may deduct the necessary amount for the repair. If the damages exceed the amount paid as deposit, you must provide a number of valid credit card where you will be charged the amount of the repair of such damage.
The apartment, unless expressly agreed, may be used only by the number of persons stated on the booking confirmation. This may not exceed the number assigned and provided for each apartment.
They are not allowed commercial activities such as presentations of products or services, filming movies or professional consultation without expressed permission from the owner. If you are interested in any of our apartments for any type of business please consult us before booking.
In every apartment there are extra sheets, towels and amenities in order to be used in case of necessity. Children count as occupants excpet for the babies that don’t use the cradle of the apartment and it’s linen, they would not count on the number of occupants. If you need to use baby's cradle with accessories it will be considered as an occupant more when setting the reserve. There is no extra apart of using the cradle.
Discounts and special rates are applied for day and only to the rental price, not applied extras. If the days of your stay coincide with periods of discounts or special rates, you'll see the discount or increased prices reflected in the price rent. If such period only matches in some days, increase or discount will be applied only to those specific days and not the total amount.

You cannot realize nuisance activities for the other residents of the building (parties, loud music, noise, etc..), noxious, dangerous, illegal or any activity that goes to the normal rules of coexistence. The rest hours are from 22.00 pm. to 9.00 am.
All apartments have WI-FI internet service, any unlawful activity that is developed making use of this service is the sole responsibility of the customer who is staying at the time.
Each apartment is equipped with a particular form containing varied terms and conditions, prices, services according to its size, location, etc.
The price includes accommodation costs, water and gas consumption, electricity...specified in the apartment. The price does not include the cost of optional services.


Once verified by the customer the availability of the apartment, the reservation will be made by paying in euro, the percentage stated when selecting the apartment on the total rent of the apartment is in function of the apartment and the days selected by the customer. The payment can be done in two ways: online or by bank transfer in the account indicated below, reservation does not become firm until we receive the amount of the reserve and the client confirms it by e-mail in the address provided by the customer only than the apartment remains occupied.
At the time of booking the customer must indicate the actual number of people that will occupy the apartment in order to have everything you need, children over 4 years are considered adults.
After paying the amount of the reservation the customer will receive an e-mail confirming the details of it, the details the booking and of the contact person: the apartment owner or the owners representative is someone from outside the reservation center.
If after paying the amount for the reservation you will not receive the confirmation e-mail, contact us at in order to e-mail it again.
Please note that both, the outstanding amount and the damage deposit will be paid in cash in euro (€) to the contact person on your arrival at the accommodation.



After receiving the e-mail confirmation, three days before the arrival the client must contact the person listed in the e-mail to arrange the housing so that upon arrival you may be atended, make the delivery of the contract, the keys and be shown the operation of all facilities.
Being a property for tourist use you will be provided with a lease contract signed by the owner or his representative. The customer is entitled to receive a copy, and then customer pays in cash the remainder of the accommodation and the bond in euro(€). At that very moment you will have to agree about the departure so that the contact person moves to the apartment and after reviewing and verifying that the accommodation is in its perfect state will refund the deposit as agreed and the customer must give back the keys of the apartment. Throughout your stay, in case of any questions, doubt or incidence of urgency, the customer should get in touch with the contact person.



When you get to Salamanca, the contact person will be waiting at the time and place agreed to deliver the keys and explain all the details of the apartment. At that time you must pay in cash the remainder of your stay plus the deposit amount of which you know already from the moment you made the reservation. The bond will be refunded the day of departure if the apartment has not suffered any injury or damage.
Upon your arrival proceed with signing the contract and pay the remainder of the accommodation. The deposit must be delivered in cash because paying with credit card it’s not admitted, after accomplishing with the payment proceed with the delivery of the keys, contract signature, inventory and general explanation of the operation of the facilities and appliances, as well as answer any questions or suggestions.
The time of entry into the apartments varies by its size and the conditions set by the owner, usually it takes place from 15:00 - 16:00 hours. To know the time of entry and exit in each apartment read its specific conditions, you may find them at the bottom of the page for each apartment. If your arrival is earlier than the established time, we ask you to apprise earlier the contact person in order to make sure the apartment is available. If available there’s no problem in changing the time of entry. To better care and to avoid unnecessary delays please inform us of your estimated time of arrival.
You will always find a phone number in case of need for any question, doubt or to solve any possible problem.



After completing your stay the owner will go to the apartment to refund the deposit. The exit varies slightly from apartment to apartment, normally is between 11:00 and 12:00, however you must agree with the contact person to know the time of entry and exit in each apartment and you must read its specific terms at the bottom of the page for each apartment. Please note this hour for someone else may be waiting to enter in the  the apartment. If there is any problem for your to exit from the apartment at the appointed time, you must notify us in order to find a solution that does not affect the rental service.
If the apartment won’t be occupied at the reserved day, the lease obligation ceases by WWW.FLATSALAMANCA.COM and you will miss the amount paid for the reservation unless you confirm your arrival within 24 hours and the rental occurs.
Our goal is to make your stay in Salamanca as enjoyable as possible and that you might consider us in your future visits, your friends and family.


On your arrival you must pay a bond to ensure that the apartment and its contents are returned in good condition (this amount is indicated in the online reservation process). The damage deposit is refundable upon departure after the owner has inspected the property and found no damages and the apartment is delivered in a reasonable cleaned condition.

If damages exceed the amount paid, the guest is obliged to pay the difference in cash or with the credit card with which the booking was done.
In some apartments the deposit may be done by signed authorization from the customer to charge the cost of any damage, loss or cleaning if the apartment is not left in good condition, on your credit card. The apartment will be revised after your departure and there will be a period of 7 days to check the status of the apartment and the operation of various devices (consult the website for the flat and the payment method allowed).


Change of Date in an accommodation.

Date change can occur only if, and without penalti, it is allowed by the availability of accommodation and is made with more than 15 days in advance. If you want to increase the reserved days, as long as the availability permits it you must pay a percentage above the initial price for extra days to confirm the change.
To reduce days to your reservation you must do same with at least 15 days prior to the date of entry, with a penalty of 25% of the days low. No changes admitted with less than 15 days notice in advance, so that when entering in the apartment you’ll have to pay the full cost of accommodation.

Change of accommodation

You cannot change the accommodation booked, as each is independent. In case you need to change accommodation, the customer must cancel the reservation, benefitting from the cancellation policy (detailed below) and make a new reservation.


Changes in number of reserve

If after making a reservation the client wants to INCREASE the number of people to host, this will be possible if does not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the apartment. The total price of the reservation will be recalculated and you will pay a percentage above the initial price for the additional persons to confirm the change.
If, however, the client wanted to REDUCE the number of people, the total price shall not be modified.


Some apartments may have special terms cancellation. These terms are specified in "Special Terms" profile for each apartment. The cancellation terms of each apartment prevails in all cases the following general cancellation terms.
The general cancellation terms aren’t applicable for bookings of 25 nights (month reservations). Please consult “Special Terms” before booking.

Cancellation of booking by costumer’s will.

The customer has a deadline of 5 working days following the confirmation of the reservation, provided that the period for occupancy is of more than 15 working days, to cancel without justification or penalty, except for thirty euro (30 €) in administrative expenses plus commissions for credit card payments. This cancellation must be notified reliably to the reservation center and to the owner.
In the event, the costumer, realizes the cancellation of the reservation in 15 days or less from the date of occupation, the penalty to the customer will be 100% of the total amount or deposit, and this amount remains in favor of the reservations central, administrative fees, comisiones.etc.

Cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control;

In case of cancellation due to circumstances beyond our controll or unforeseen circumstances which preclude the use of the property by the costumer, the reservation center offers similar alternative for accommodation with similar characteristics to the property chosen. In the event that the user does not agree with the proposed alternative, you may cancel your reservation and the full amount paid will be refunded, except the part corresponding to the days that the apartment was used, in this case, the reservation center bears no responsibility for the total or partial cancellation of the reservation.

Overbooking (Duplication in reserves)

In case of overbooking  (duplication) in the reservation of a property(because the owner of property has not updated the accommodation booking calendar contained in our website), the owner of the property will be liable for damages caused to users and the reservation centre for the aforementioned duplication or overbooking. In this case, the reservation centre will not assume any liability to users for the full or partial cancellation of the reservation and will be applied what specified in the cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control.



Once the client has received confirmation of the reservation, you should contact at least 2 days before the date of entry, by telephone or e-mail the owner or the contact person designated by the owner, whose data you may find in the confirmation of booking to inform you about the details of your arrival to the property. Only in case, within 2 working days before the date of entry, communication has not been achieved between the client and contact person, the client must inform the reservation centre so to facilitate the communication between the two parties.



It is strictly forbidden to use the property for a elevated number of occupants than stated at the time of reservation. More occupants will be admitted only with expressed permission of the reservation centre and then pay the corresponding increase in the rental price.




Before leaving the property the customer must leave the accommodation in equal conditions in which entered and has the obligations to accomplish with the obligations established by the property owner.