Cookies Policy


As do many other websites, uses cookies. In this section we aim to explain our cookies policy as clearly as possible. 


A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto your computer, Smartphone or tablet when you access certain pages of websites. Cookies are used to store and recover information on the user’s actions when browsing the website. Profonsa s.l. uses the following cookies on its website



  • Cookies that improve performance: 

This type of cookies conserve your preferences for certain services or tools (like language or currency). That way you do not need to reconfigure every time you visit our web page. In some cases it can be provided by a third party.


  • Cookies of statistical analysis : 

These cookies allow to quantify the number of visitors and analyze statistically the use made by users of our services. They can be treated by us or by a third party and thanks to them we can improve our navigation on our web and enhance the way we present the information.


  • Cookies of geolocation: 

They are used to locate geographically the situation of the computer, Smartphone, or tablet in order to provide the most appropriate content and services according to your location.


  • Other third party cookies: 

In some of our pages, cookies can be installed by a third party. This allows them to manage and improve the services they offer. An example of this use is the links of social networks that permit sharing our content.


o   Social cookies:

On this website there are links to share information on social networks, which use cookies to identify users (in particular, Facebook, Google and Twitter).




These cookies don’t record either your first or second name or the physical address from which you’re accessing the website. The information they obtain relates to the number of pages you’ve visited, your language, the social media channels where our updates are published, the city where your IP address is registered, the number of new users to our website, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the time of each visit, the browser used and the type of device that visitors are using to access the site. 

We make use of this information to improve our websites, identify new user needs and assess what improvements we need to make, in order to offer site visitors a better service. For example, we may make changes to our sites to make them suitable for a range of mostly commonly used browsers.

The cookies that we use on our website aren’t necessary to access the services that we offer, so if you disable cookies, the website will still function correctly. You can enable, view, block or delete the cookies installed on your device directly through your browser.

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